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Samples from TRC shRNA library
Samples from CRISPR gRNA -library
Samples from customer provided plasmids

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Excess fee, qPCR validation with UPL probes, 3 ctrls
qPCR Knockdown/expression validation with UPL probes, 3 ctrls
Glycerol Stock
DNA preparation MINI, TRC1 GS (whole gene set)
DNA preparation MINI, customer GS
DNA preparation MAXI, TRC1 GS
DNA preparation MAXI, customer GS
Lentivirus MINI, Gene set, TRC1 DNA
Lentivirus MINI, customer DNA
Lentivirus MIDI, TRC1 DNA
Lentivirus MIDI, customer DNA
Lentivirus MINI Control with any Lentivirus order
Concentrated Lentivirus 180 ul, TRC1 DNA
Concentrated Lentivirus 180 ul, customer DNA
Concentrated Lentivirus 380ul, TRC1 DNA
Concentrated Lentivirus 380ul, customer DNA
Concentrated lentivirus sucrose purification
Retrovirus MINI with DNA preparation
Retrovirus MINI, customer DNA
Retrovirus MIDI with DNA preparation
Retrovirus MIDI, customer DNA
p24 Test
RCV Test
qPCR Knockdown/expression validation with UPL probes, 1 ctrl

Original sample material statement
The original sample material provided to FuGU needs to be reclaimed within four weeks following the completion of the project or it will be discarded. FuGU is not responsible for the storage of the original sample material or other material generated during the process.

Publication statement
Customer agrees to acknowledge “Biomedicum Functional Genomics Unit, University of Helsinki” in all publications that contain data produced in FuGU.

CRISPR gRNA Library Statement
Customer agrees not to distribute the CRISPR gRNA constructs acquired from FuGU to any third parties outside Biocenter Finland host universities. FuGU can't be hold responsible for lack of specificity or efficacy of the gRNA constructs in genome editing events.

GMO notification
Customer has notified the Board for Gene technology of their use of GM-organisms. Filling GMO-forms and obtaining approval is the responsibility of principal investigator.
I agree with the terms above.